Students rewarded INA with a Golden Index award in three categories: participation in projects organized by students, investment in student associations and the Grand Prix. These valuable acknowledgements testify that the efforts which INA continuously invests in collaboration with the academic community to improve student standard and create opportunities for advancement have been acknowledged. 

Golden Index

The Golden index award is a unique award in Croatia presented for the fourth consecutive year to companies which have contributed the most to the quality of student life, student education and professional training. In 2014, INA continued implementing programs and initiatives aimed at students and young people, as well as its successful collaboration with the three student associations eSTUDENT, AIESEC Croatia and BEST (Board of European Student of Technology), which, as was the case in previous years, will be marked by participation in events organized by aforementioned associations and independent projects aimed at offering support to students.

INA Employer Partner

INA is the recipient of the Employer Partner Certificate, which is awarded to excellence in human resources management. The primary purpose of the Employer Partner Certificate project is to recognize and highlight organizations with quality human resources management and to propagate and implement those standards which meaningfully advance business results and work quality.

Special Recognition for the contribution of the business sector to the development of volunteering 
For their efforts they received three awards from the Volunteer Centre Osijek, for the contribution of the business sector to the development of volunteering in the areas of Slavonia and Baranjain 2010 and 2012, as well as a Special Recognition for the contribution of the business sector to the development of volunteering, in 2014.

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