Working with us

 Investment in educationThe objective of our education policy is to create individual and collective competencies. In that regard, training strategy is being developed to facilitate a high quality level of know-how and skills, both individually and throughout INA.

Training activities include the following:
• Development and implementation of human resources development programs
• Organization of internal trainings
• Planning and executing an internship program, evaluation of trainees' level of success
• Coordination of employee referral to work & study programs and/or  studying from work
• Implementation and development of talent programs
• Assessment and improvement of organizational culture and values
In 2010 we started a program of employee exchange, which enabled INA's employees to train in companies from MOL Group and also MOL's employees to learn from INA's experiences.

Awards for employeesHuman Resources Sector has devised a model of rewarding employees intended to promote an even more positive work atmosphere, to promote cooperation among co-workers, company values and employee satisfaction.

Categories for nominations:
• „Genial Smile“ award
• „Think Green“ award
• „INA's Best Mentor“ award
• „Big Heart“ award
• „Best Co-Worker“ award

Jubilee awardsHuman Resources Sector in collaboration with Corporate Communications Sector pays special attention to our fellow-workers who had earned anniversary awards for their loyal service in the company, for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or even 45 years of work in INA.

INA Volunteers club
To mark the European Year of Volunteering, INA started the Project of corporate volunteering in a local community in order to help those in need. Company's social responsibility, which also includes promoting the culture of volunteering, is a part of INA's comprehensive strategic platform. INA wishes to be a modern and ethical company and a candid and reliable partner to the communities where it conducts business.