FOEL and fuel oils

 FUEL OIL EXTRA LIGHT – for households
INA has ensured a considerable number of retail stations and sales points in Croatia that sell fuel oil extra light (FOEL) throughout the year. You can find these through our retail stations search. Retail price of heating oil (FOEL) is available on the retail prices website. Heating oil delivery is free of charge for the public, and the price is valid on the day of delivery.
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Fuel oil is liquid fuel used in small and large industry facilities (heating systems, industrial power plants, thermal power plants, etc.). Pursuant to the legislation in Croatia, fuel oils are divided into several groups, depending on their physical and chemical properties and their purpose. INA offers several types of fuel oils. Fuel oil light, medium and heavy are available for purchase through INA wholesale. Detailed information on individual fuel oil may be found in the fuels catalogue.

On the wholesale market, INA offers green petrol coke and calcined petrol coke as well as bitumen. Green coke is an energy source for furnaces running on solid or powdered fuels. Calcined petrol coke is utilized in black and coloured metallurgy, aluminium industry, production of calcium carbide and ferroalloys. As for bitumen, INA produces several types of paving bitumen.