LPG (gas cylinders, small containers)
LPG has excellent environmental characteristics as an energy source. Through direct combustion without smoke, ash, soot, odours and sulphur compounds, it is environmentally friendlier than other fossil fuels (except natural gas). Its use reduces the occurrence of acid rain and mitigates climate change. Therefore the substitution of “polluting energy sources” with LPG, especially for industrial customers, is becoming more than just a trend but also a necessity.

Autogas is an energy source that is environmentally - friendly, but it also has other advantages: a high octane number, easy volatilization, it can easily create a homogenous compound and it is economical. Therefore autogas is becoming an increasingly popular fuel for the propulsion of motor vehicles. The list of INA’s petrol stations that offer autogas among their range of products is available in our petrol station search engine if you select only the option autogas. You can also get it at the LPG fuelling stations.