Motor fuels

INA offers high quality motor gasolines and diesel fuels produced in compliance with European standards. Our latest Class fuels protect the environment, but they also improve drivability of your car, extend the life of engine, increase its power and decrease fuel consumption.
Choose INA fuel that meets the needs of your vehicle. 

Autogas is an energy source that is environmentally - friendly, but it also has other advantages: a high octane number, easy volatilization, it can easily create a homogenous compound and it is economical. Therefore autogas is becoming an increasingly popular fuel for the propulsion of motor vehicles. The list of INA’s petrol stations that offer autogas among their range of products is available in our petrol station search engine if you select only the option autogas. You can also get it at the LPG fuelling stations. 

We provide aviation fuels to airplanes on seven largest domestic airports and we have our own storage facilities. INA sells both types of aviation fuels, jet fuel and aviation gasoline, whose quality is at the required level, so our fuel can be served to all airlines that use Croatian airports. We invest in infrastructure development and therefore we are able to provide enough aviation fuel even in the peak of the tourist season.