For over 40 years, INA has been supplying products to the people and businesses in Croatia and the region. Through high quality products, we endeavor to win and retain the trust of our customers and clients.

Our broad network encompassing 438 petrol stations and the well-organized wholesale, offer different types of motor fuels produced at European standards. At our petrol stations you can find Euro V fuels and our latest additivized INA Class fuels that both improve the features of your car and protect the environment.

Should you decide in favor of our lubricants, you should know that these are the result of many years of experience of our experts and the outcome of cooperation with major international car manufacturers. With any questions regarding INA oils and lubricants, if you are interested which type of lubricant to use, how to use it, please contact our Aftersale service and hear what the experts have to say.

In addition to gasoline and diesel fuels, various types of oils and lubricants, LPG and heating oil, INA production program also includes a variety of products for our industrial customers. Detailed technical information per specific products may be found on our webpages.

Find the information about our production program and the services we offer in one place.