Investment in the community

INA is a company with a fifty-year tradition of good cooperation with the communities in which it operates. We strive to be a desirable partner which supports development and actively participates in the life of the community. We are always ready for dialogue, cooperation and participation in initiatives which contribute to better quality of life, and we initiate joint projects with the local communities as well.
INA helps the communities with numerous donations, actions of the INA Volunteers Club and other projects as a partner to the communities.

Our initiatives:
INA Volunteers Club
On the occasion of celebrating the European Year of Volunteering in 2011, INA founded the Volunteers Club which today has 623 members. In four years of existance, nearly a thousand volunteers participated in 75 actions with more than seven and a half thousand donated hours. In 2015, the number of members has increased by 30% compared to 2014. The Club has won several awards for its work. -more-


“Green Belt“ Project
INA will co-finance the ecological projects such as afforestation, landscaping, clean-up of the seabed, coastal area, lakes and rivers, education on ecology and similar. We will provide fINAncial support for the selected projects, as well as the possibility of support by the INA Volunteers Club. The candidates need to contribute with 20% of the total budget. - more-

Project “Space for Your Ideas"
INA is leasing its premises to interested legal and natural persons with the aim of contributing to the development of quality projects in the local community. We are offering more favourable conditions to our future partners, for long term lease of locations, assistance in the development of business ideas and potential participation as investment partners. -more-


Project “Spajalica” <Project Bond>

Project “Spajalica” <Project Bond> is part of the wider initiative “Space for Your Ideas” initiated last year in September as part of INA’s corporate social responsibility, with the aim of granting the use of selected real property owned by the company to the associations and individuals whose work would continue to contribute to the quality of life of the local community. -more-

Helping Slavonia
INA provided assistance to the flooded areas in Slavonia: we have donated over one million Kuna in cash and fuel, made our technology available and collected a significant amount of food, water and other items. In order to restore normal life to the flooded area, we are planning to donate HRK 2.5 million in order to assist the construction of the Community House in Gunja. - more-

Demining of Croatia
INA was systematically included into demining, among the first ones in Croatia. In cooperation with the Foundation for Humanitarian Demining "Croatia without Mines" and the Croatian Mine Action Centre, since 2011 INA has to this day donated HRK 1.8 million. 

 INA Friend of the SOS Children's Village Croatia
INA started its cooperation with the SOS Children's village Croatia in 2010, through various projects and initiatives. In the course of five years of cooperation, we have donated more than a million Kuna as part of the annual donations and support to individual projects. INA Volunteers Club joined the cooperation as well. -more-

INA for the children
INA is assisting various programs and manifestations relating to children's creativity, and in the past years we have focused on helping kindergartens. We have helped renovate children's playgrounds in the Rijeka and Sisak areas, by furnishing them with safety surfacing in order to enable the children a safe stay and playing outside.  -more-