Focusing on people

INA is a leading oil company in Croatia and in the region. As of December 31, 2014, INA Group had 12,503 employees. The average gross salary in INA was 30 percent higher than the national average.

INA's success is based on its well-educated, creative and innovative staff. Awareness that people are an inexhaustible development resource and capital determines our business conduct, organizational and management structure, as well as all organizational processes. Due to the large number of company's activities, INA employs an impressive range of professionals, whose expertise covers areas from technology to sales.

INA is the winner of the Employer Partner Certificate which is awarded for excellence in human resources management. The primary purpose of the Employer Partner Certificate project is to identify and give prominence to organizations with quality human resources management and to advocate and implement standards which demonstrably and meaningfully advance business results and work quality. Having met the certification criteria, INA deserved to wear the Employer Partner title and has thus joined the companies which share the best practices in human resources management.

Employees have the opportunity to openly express their opinion about what is good, with what they are pleased, and with what are not, and what can be done to ensure efficient business activity of the company. Communication is possible from the employer to employees and vice versa fully respecting the organisation’s hierarchy. Sources of information are publications INA Glasnik, INA Energija, Refineries Newsletters, Intranet, working meetings, employee forums, individual conversations between directors and employees, meetings with individual interest groups of employees, meeting with the unions etc.
At the end of 2011 within Human Resources Sector the service „Ask human resources“ was established in order to give INA's employees quick and easy answers on questions regarding working rights, vacations, salaries and other questions from Human Resources Sector.

INA pays all its employees the salaries and benefits as defined by the Collective Agreement and Labor Regulations. Benefits and supports are a standard feature of all our Collective Agreements and are determined through negotiations between INA and the unions. In 2003 INA appointed a committee to determine aid eligibility of INA workers regarding serious illness or poverty, which acts as a task force of the Human Resources Sector and it considers individual claims for aid made by employees.

Pursuant to the criteria and evaluation model defined in our Labor Regulations, employee performance is evaluated monthly. In 2010 INA implemented the Performance Management System (PMS) for managing positions with the aim of managing and evaluating management contribution to the Company’s strategy.