INA & Sustainability

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generations in a way for future generations to have the same opportunities to meet their own needs, as defined by UN commission in 1987. From then until today, sustainable development became one of the key principles of modern business.

The idea of sustainable development, as usually defined today, means economic, social (care for people, communities, heritage…) and environmental component. The goal is to establish balance between economic growth, improvement of society and environmental protection.

INA, a company engaged in oil and gas exploration, production and supply, considers sustainable development as one of the fundamental business principles. Sustainable development represents our constant commitment to the balanced integration of economic, environmental and social factors in daily business, with the goal to increase the common value as well as to identify, prevent and avoid possible negative impacts.

Trying to make energy available to people, businesses and communities, we offer our technology, our knowledge and capabilities. We tend to be the engine of social and economic development, while, at the same time, we take care of people, environment, responsible business and local partnerships.