INA card

INA card is an international card intended for legal entities that can be used at all points of sale of INA d.d., as well as at other points of sale bearing the sign of INA card in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Hungary.

INA card provides you complete security, a fast and good-quality service and above all – it saves time. Convince yourselves of its value!

Notice to INA card users
The possibility of paying by INA card  at gas stations Crobenz Inc. repealed from October 1, 2010.
For any questions you can contact
Ina Card Management Service
Tel. (01) 6451 304,
Fax (01) 6452 304

INA d.d.
Retail Division
INA card
Avenija V. Holjevca 10,
10020 Zagreb


Reporting the loss of INA card
If you lose your INA card, please report your loss immediately to the authorizing service for INA card at the telephone number 01/6451 308 and confirm it in writing on fax 01/6452 308 or by mail at the address:
INA d.d.,
INA card,
A. V. Holjevca 10,
10020 Zagreb