Petrol stations

INA’S PETROL STATIONS – best buy spotsAt INA's petrol stations you can supply with Euro V  fuels, LPG, bottled gas, or you can choose something from the wide specter of consumer goods, the assortment of oils and lubricants and car cosmetics. INA stations provide additional services tailored to the demands and needs of customers such as car washes, auto bars and restaurants.



Slovenian vignettes for passenger vehicles and motorcycles can be bought at 33 INA's petrol stations.
A list of petrol stations selling Slovenian vignettes with retail prices.


Hungarian electronic  vignettes for passenger vehicles up to 3,5 tons can be bought at 13 INA's petrol stations
Retail prices of the vignettes and a list of petrol stations selling Hungarian vignettes.

Electronic vignettes for vehicles up to 3.5 tons: The e-vignette user charge system applies to motorcycles, automobiles, campers and buses and their trailers, and cargo vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons. These vehicles are authorized to use Hungarian tolled expressways exclusively with pre-purchased road use permits (purchased before entering the toll road), i.e. e-vignettes. The toll charges depend on the category of the motor vehicle and the validity periods. The toll category of the vehicles depends on the number of passengers and the weight of the motor vehicle. The toll category should be established on the basis of the official entry that appears in the vehicle registration certificate. Interner stranica link:

Electronic vignettes for vehicles over 3.5 tons: E-toll & Toll payment for vehicles with categories J2, J3 and J4 (HU-GO) will not be available at this moment at INA's petrol stations. For further information, as well as to find out how to purchase a vignette for this vehicle category, please refer to web site


A top-up for an ETC device, in form of ETC SMS coupons, can be bought at all INA's petrol stations. 
ETC devices can no longer be bought at our petrol stations.


Participation is fast and simple.  It only requires selection of a game from the offer, as well as a desired amount, and keeping the payment receipt until the draw.  “I want a Jackpot” includes Eurojackpot, Loto 7/39, Loto 6/45, TV Bingo 15/90, Keno and a HL coupon for online games. The prices range from HRK 2 to HRK 500.
Amounts up to HRK 20,000 are paid to the lucky winners at selling points of Hrvatska Lutrija and its authorized partners. Amounts up to HRK 1,000,000 are paid out at regional branch offices of Hrvatska Lutrija and all winnings regardless of the amount can be drawn at the head office of Hrvatska Lutrija in Zagreb. Winnings cannot be paid out at points of sale such as INA’s petrol station.

The petrol stations including coffee bars, restaurants and other offer and services can be found at the Petrol station search application