Refining and marketing

In Croatia, INA d.d. owns and uses refineries and plants for production of lubricants, as well as a certain scope of necessary networks for the distribution of oil and other products. The oil is supplied to the refineries by pipelines, and other products are transported by sea, road and rail, using a certain number of product warehouses. Sales are organized within a wholesale and retail network.
INA has two fuel refineries, located in Rijeka (Urinj) and Sisak. The refinery in Rijeka is located on shore, allowing access to the port for deep-drawing ships and the pipeline system of JANAF.

INA has invested over HRK 5 billion in the development of its refinery systems in the last few years. In Rijeka Refinery three facilities within Hydrocracking complex were built - Mild hidrocracking, Hydrogen unit and Desulphurization plant (so-called Claus), as well as numerous supporting facilities and installations. The facilities are in commercial work from May 2011. In February 2014 a contract on basic design for the Delayed Coking Unit for Rijeka Refinery was signed with the company Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technical Solutions (BHTS). 

In Sisak Refinery three plants have been completed: Desulphurization plant, Hydrodesulphurization of FCC gasoline plant and Isomerization plant. Furthermore, from mid-2013 Sisak Refinery has the possibility of production of diesel fuels with bio component and in the same year in September a system of additional wastewater treatment KROFTA was put into operation, while in April 2014 the installation of new coke chambers was carried out at the Coking plant.

The modernisation helped achieve environmental competitiveness - harmful emissions were reduced, refining profitability was increased, while INA's refineries are now producing EURO V quality fuel, which meets the highest European standards.