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The Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) as an independent INA laboratory provides services of laboratory analysis of crude oils, petroleum products, commercial fuels, biofuels, waters, soils and wastes. CTL possesses excellent analytical equipment and professional employees which can reliably and efficiently perform any service in the shortest time. CTL offers sampling services of all types of products, according to customer requirements. It also provides technical expertise, research and development studies related to problem solving and offers other intellectual services.

The scope of CTL’s activities covers tests and measurements in the following areas:
  • Crude oil and petroleum products
  • Monitoring of technological operations and processes
  • Surface water, groundwater, industrial water and wastewater
  • Microbiological testing
  • Ecotoxicological testing
  • Soil and waste
  • Samples of unknown composition
Since 2002, CTL is accredited according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 standard (Accreditation Certificate No.1020) for testing of liquid petroleum products and bio-fuels, sampling at gas stations as well as for testing of water, waste, sludge and soil and waste water sampling.

CTL has state authorisations for the following activities:
  • Sampling and testing of waters (ground waters, surface waters and wastewaters) - Authorization by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia.
  • Determining the type of waste, hazardous properties of waste, as well as sampling and testing of physical and chemical properties of waste and environmental monitoring - Authorization by the Ministry of Environmental and Nature of the Republic of Croatia.
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