Health and safety protection at work

The oil industry requires a high degree of health and safety protection (HS), therefore INA has established a comprehensive system for occupational HS management, with special attention being paid to ensuring safe work performance and reducing the risks connected with daily operations, health preservation and improving, continuous employee education, training, informing and their active inclusion in the occupational HS improving.
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETYIn order to achieve a high level of awareness and operability in the field of HS, INA Group has included all employee levels in the continuous improving of activities in the field of HSE. The positive trend is also achieved by implementing and improving the existing activities and projects and introducing new ones, which is evident in the improvement of HSE indicator value.
"Leadership engagement in achieving business excellence through HSE" is a multi-year programme launched in 2015 in the INA Group as part of a comprehensive programme by the MOL Group. The programme was initiated by conducting a survey on the HSE culture level. Based on the survey results, an interactive workshop for managers was developed, with the primary objective of raising the quality and level of HSE culture, awareness of its importance in daily activities and encouraging the management to assume the leading role in promoting HSE values ​​and culture. Upon successfully completing the education activities with approximately 250 managers and 11 internal trainers during 2015 and 2016, the Programme is continued by organising interactive workshops on dialogue between managers and employees at the locations where the surveys were conducted.
SINA Group is focused on safety standards and their improvement in order to ensure a safe environment, not only for their employees, but also for the contractor employees performing works for the INA Group. In accordance with the aforementioned, and in order to further promote the INA Group business, the following health, safety and environment (HSE) management elements were introduced:

  • Life Saving Rules present the main safety rules in the works performance. The subject rules are not new, they are simple, clear, and achieve exactly what their name implies – they save lives. Non-compliance with the subject rules may cause serious injury or death. The subject rules were developed based on the feedback and lessons from practice, and they lead to a more efficient management of hazards specific to the INA Group Companies business. The rules emphasise the simple activities that individuals may undertake in order to protect themselves and their colleagues. Over 80% of all serious incidents occur as a direct result of non-compliance with one of these rules. The campaign was officially started in October 2013, when the education of INA Group employees and contractors was initiated, and today it is a part of standard practice.


  • Entry and work in confined spaces and locations with increased hazards is one of the most dangerous activities performed at the INA Group locations. In order for the subject activities to be performed in the safest manner possible, a procedure that defines under which conditions and by whom the subject activities may be performed was established. Prior to the works performance, it shall be determined whether the subject works are necessary and required. Such works shall be limited to a certain time limit and shall be performed in accordance with the legal and company requirements. The entry of unauthorised persons is strictly prohibited.


  • Contractor and SCC Certificate management In terms of safety, contractor management is a major challenge for the INA Group. Since 2013, a supplier management system in terms of HSE was introduced, which was proven successful in practice. The objective is to determine the minimum requirements and introduce work performance mechanisms for contractors in the field of HSE, in order to protect their own employees and contractor employees from occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as losses associated with emergencies, through all parts of the process. The implementation of specific steps depends on the risk level and work complexity. The basic principle is to ensure the strictest control in case of a high risk level. All contractors and subcontractors, who shall perform works in the high-risk locations of INA Group, shall implement the system and obtain the SCC certificate from 1 January 2017. The SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors) certificate verifies the contractor commitment in the promotion of the health, safety and environment management system, and is a evidence that the contractor’s internal processes are measured and supervised according to the best practices in risk management, and that they are in compliance with them. A prerequisite for certification is that at least 90% of the operational employees (direct agents and operational management) have completed the health and safety protection training and that they have successfully passed the exam on the basis of the document. STSI d.o.o., a member of INA Group, implemented the system and obtained the SCC Certificate in 2015.

The safe driving programme was initiated in 2011 with the aim of improving the awareness of the hazards in traffic, and encouraging more responsible driving. The basic company standards are defined based on the Safe Driving Policy and the Safe Driving Standards, while the periodic campaigns and continuous education are used as the basic forms of approach to employees. A reporting process was also introduced (via a toll-free telephone 0800 1112 or e-mail: relating to safe driving and road safety, giving an opportunity to each person in traffic to report a situation they consider potentially hazardous, thus contributing to traffic safety. A team responsible for promoting the programme, monitoring and adjusting its performance, as well as for improving the implementation and ensuring the course of education was established at the INA Group level.
The road accident rate (RAR) is a key safety indicator in INA Group. In the last five years, with the implementation of the subject programme and related projects, major progress was recorded in the area of ​​the subject key indicator, which decreased from 3.4 in 2011 to 0.8 in 2015 at the INA Group level. For INA, d.d. the results were even better, with 6.5 in 2010 and 0.7 in 2015. “Truck Driver Safety Fundamental" is the new ongoing programme launched in 2015, which contains the obligation of compliance with ten basic rules. The subject programme controls the greatest risk of causing serious accidents and has an effect on raising awareness of the target group - professional drivers. 

HEALTH PROTECTION AND PROMOTIONThe common objective of health protection and promotion in our company are the basic human and life values; the protection, preservation and improvement of our employees' health.


The old folk saying "better safe than sorry" might best describe the importance of health protection. Medical examinations and expert advice with the aim of prevention and timely identification of illnesses and treatment are the basis of preventing damage to employee health and a reduced quality of life. In addition to medical examinations, which are a legal requirement, we provide our employees with screenings for major illnesses, as well as the service "Ask our doctors" for professional advice and consultation with contracted  occupational medicine specialists via e-mail or in person.
Health promotion represents activities that enable the employees to actively participate in improving their own health and increasing the control over the factors defining the health. 

  • Medically Programmed Active Vacation (MPAV) and Health Programmed Active Vacation (HPAV)

The MPAV is a ten-day prevention programme, and the HPAV is a five-day prevention programme that include measures and procedures for medical rehabilitation, that is, physical and mental relaxation, and are performed in special hospitals for medical rehabilitation and treatment centres with the primary objective of prevention and the preservation and improvement of employee health and their working abilities. 

  • Stress prevention

With the aim of raising awareness and educating the employees on how to effectively manage stress both in the workplace and in the private life, we have been conducting the campaign “Less stress” since 2014, which includes interactive lectures and trainings by occupational medicine specialists and educated coaches-psychologists.

  • Other activities in the field of health promotion include a wide range of activities aimed at preventing major diseases, addictions, work-related injuries, and providing recommendations for healthier living and working environment, as well as participation in sports and recreational activities.

Under the slogan "Everyone can save a human life", in addition to complying with the legal minimum, refreshment courses in first aid with special emphasis on the effective recognition of cardiac arrest and resuscitation are also performed as internal education for all interested employees on an annual basis.
 PROCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENTProcess safety refers to the hazardous plants and processes integrity management for the prevention of major accidents that would endanger the people, property, environment and the company reputation. It is necessary to understand the technological process in order to determine a satisfactory safety level, and the identified improvement measures are used as a tool in the system implementation plan. In order to monitor the progress in the process safety management, the indicators focused on the control power are used in incident prevention.
FIRE PROTECTIONComplete fire protection in the categorised INA Group facilities and continuous improvement of the fire protection status and fire fighting in general is a permanent task of fire protection and firefighting.
Fire protection activities are actively performed during the year in all INA Group facilities. 

  • Internal regulations

Significant activities are focused on coordinating the internal regulations, procedures and standards with the EU standards and best practices in the field of fire protection and fire fighting in the oil and chemical industry. Fire brigades, depending on the protected facility categorisation (category I and II), are in compliance with applicable legal regulations with regard to the required number of vehicles, equipment and number of firefighters. 

  • Employee training

When starting employment or changing the workplace, each INA Group employee shall undergo training in fire protection according to the programmes in the FP field, which are in compliance with the legal regulations of the country of operation of each INA Group Company, as well as all other forms of training and education. Continuous and constant education of all employees is aimed at preventive avoidance of all possible situations that may lead to fire and explosion.

  • Fire drills

Every year in May, the Fire Protection Month, additional fire drills are carried out in INA Group Companies under the supervision of the Commander of INA fire brigades and in cooperation with professional fire protection departments with the objective of improving the fire protection status. The central final drill was held on 23 May 2016 in Refinery Rijeka, and the objective of the drill was to demonstrate the readiness and response in an emergency.