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INA has been publishing non-financial reports since 1997, among the first ones in Croatia, and since 2004, with only several other Croatian companies, we have been publishing the Social Report in accordance with the GRI guidelines. Since 2007, INA's Sustainability Report complies with the G3 GRI methodology, thereby unifying the social and environmental protection reporting. For the first time, Sustainability Report for 2014, is integrated with the Annual financial report, which shows the importance of Sustainable development in INA Group.

The Sustainability Report
is an organisational report providing information on the economic, ecological and social results of the company. It is published annually, and covers information relating to the business activities of INA, d.d. and the larger companies within the INA Group. It contains information on the key achievements and challenges, as well as the data relating to the sustainability-related topics most relevant for INA Group. Data in the field of health, safety and the environment are monitored and reported in accordance with the directives of the International Labour Organisation, as well as Croatian legislation, and also according to the methodology of work-related injury monitoring of the EU oil company association, CONCAWE. Emissions into the environment are determined through measuring, emission factors and/or on the basis of material balancing. We report according to the GRI G3.1 reporting guidelines with the oil and gas sector supplement (O&G Sector Supplement).

Sustainability Reports
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Integrated Annual Report 2015  PDF download-4.343 KB
Integrated Annual Report 2014  PDF download-4.343 KB
Sustainability Report 2013  PDFdownload -4.003 KB
Sustainability Report 2012  PDF download-3.003 KB
Sustainability Report 2011  PDF download- 5.003 KB
Sustainability Report 2010  PDF download- 1.809 KB
Sustainability Report 2009  PDF download- 3.233 KB
Sustainability Report 2008 PDF  download- 3.160 KB
Sustainability Report 2007
 PDF download- 6.323 KB
Sustainability Report 2006  PDF download-   4.303 KB
Social Report 2005
 PDF download-   2.939 KB
HSE Report 2005  PDF download-   1.440 KB
Social Report 2004
 PDFdownload -   2.489 KB